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Introduction to Home Entertainment
Residential Audio/Video Systems


Introduction to Home Entertainment: Residential Audio / Video Systems (C-TECH Home Entertainment) provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to become certified entry-level installers in the high growth, smart home industry. Home entertainment systems have increased to rank among the top three most in-demand residential installations. It is estimated that over 300,000 new homes will need trained, professionals to do installations this year alone. C-Tech has designed this 30-hour course with industry experts and educators.

Students apply their knowledge by using C-Tech's Interactive Audio Trainer (IAT), in conjunction with standardized curriculum and training aids to install, setup, operate and troubleshoot home entertainment systems.

The IAT is an innovative teaching aid containing simulated multi-room and Home Theater systems. Students use state of the art connectivity systems in an all-in-one compact mobile unit. Students connect and operate Home Entertainment Audio/Video systems, while gaining an understanding of the principles of AC/DC electricity, as well as, Analog/Digital concepts. Students use electronic components and testing equipment to:

  • Install multi-zoned and single zoned systems
  • Activate, diagnose, and troubleshoot system operation
  • Learn speaker placement and sound-staging methodologies
  • Test speaker and device wiring
  • Use polarity testers to check speaker and system operation
  • Connect and operate active and passive impedance systems
  • Connect and operate a complete Home Theater system
  • Connect and operate A-Bus (Audio over UTP) home systems
  • Interpret blue prints and determine audio equipment placement for maximized acoustics

At the completion of this course, students will be ready for entry-level employment in the home entertainment Audio/Video industry to include Home Theater installation and setup.

C-Tech Home Entertainment, like all C-Tech courses, is completely portable, allowing set-up in any classroom. Costly, permanent labs are not required. This course also has an accompanying Computer Enhanced Training (CET) CD-ROM that provides color images, videos, presentation material and student-centered troubleshooting activities. The CD-ROM is an added feature and it is not needed to complete the course successfully.

Students who successfully complete this program receive an Industry-Recognized, Smart Home Professional-Residential Audio / Video Entertainment Systems Certificate (SHP-A/V Entertainment).

  • Completely portable: Can be set up in any classroom
  • DHTI+ Compliant: Supporting smart home technologies
  • Aligns to the latest standards for home audio and home theater installation
  • Covers residential audio applications for zone audio systems, as well as, home theaters
  • Interactive hands-on, student-centered activities
  • Promotes a project-based, cooperative learning environment
  • Relates to real world systems using actual equipment and connectivity technologies
  • Cross-curricular: Incorporates Math, Science, Language Arts, and History
  • Emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skill development
  • Simplified scoring: One comprehensive test for each module and a 3-part certification examination
  • Professional development assistance: Provided through educational Tech-Talks
  • Completely turnkey: All tools, manuals, CD-ROM's and consumables included
  • Specialized customer service and exclusive online instructor support
  • Industry-Recognized Certification: No additional fee charged
  • Instructor Certification: Training is included in the package
  • Written to seventh grade Reading and basic Math levels
  • Standardized Curriculum: 30-hour program