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Connecting to Business

Connecting to Bussiness

Connecting to Business (C-Tech CTB) is an overview of techniques for job searching and job retention from the perspective of the telecommunications industry. It is based on C-Tech's extensive experience in dealing with leaders in the industry and facilitating job placement for the individuals who have completed our hands-on training.

This course is the ideal follow-up for trained graduates of C-Tech's Technology Education Track and comes in two parts, each for a specific need.

C-Tech CTB, Section 1 helps the graduate to set goals, both immediate and long-term, to write an effective résumé, to cultivate the qualities employers indicate they are looking for in job candidates, to identify where potential employers are located, to trace a typical job progression in the telecommunications industry, and to approach a job interview with confidence. Students also learn about time management, customer relations and they have an opportunity to sharpen their business writing skills. It even goes as far as to cover specific topics important to graduates, such as how to read and understand paystubs.

C-Tech CTB, Section 2 is a guide to help job developers. It includes advice on how to choose an effective training program, how to use the Internet to its best advantage in searching for jobs, how to approach businesses and have them consider the group of skilled job candidates. This section comes complete with a DVD presentation video that highlights the market and defines the in-demand skill-sets acquired by a C-Tech Certified graduate.

This Connecting to Business course incorporates C-Tech’s vast experience in working with industry leaders and can provide you with proven and tested techniques for approaching businesses. Learn what “value-added” means. You want to make sure that every applicant who leaves for an interview is prepared. Explore this quality training in business skills and connect your students to in-demand careers.

The Connecting to Business course can be completed in ten hours and is written at seventh grade Reading and basic Math levels.

  • Perfect follow-up for all C-Tech graduates
  • Promotes a cooperative learning environment
  • Emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skill development
  • Completely turnkey: all manuals, guides and CD-ROMs are included
  • Written at seventh grade Reading and basic Math levels
  • Standardized Curriculum: 10-hour program
  • Aids in increased job placement rates
  • Based on C-Tech’s extensive experience in working with leaders in the industry
C-Tech Provides:
  • National data-base of C-Tech certified graduates maintained for search by employers
  • Professional development assistance provided through educational Tech-Talks
  • Specialized customer service and exclusive online instructor support
Students Learn:
  • Job Searching: maximizing results by using an internet protocol
  • Goal Setting: understanding the importance of short and long-term goals
  • Résumé Writing: effectively communicating newly acquired skill-sets
  • Interviewing Skills: presenting oneself with confidence and knowledge
  • Career Progression: identifying the best level of entry and how to progress
  • Time Management: understanding how to make efficient schedules
  • Customer Relations: assessing customer needs and being prepared to act
Added Resources:
  • Job Developers Guide
  • Career Opportunities DVD
  • C-Tech Pocket Résumé—graduates leave prepared with all their employment history in one place


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