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Introduction to Energy Management Systems

Introduction to Energy Management Systems provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to become certified Energy Management Specialists in the growing Green and energy conservation fields. Today, Green energy applications to manage and conserve resources are important. Individuals with the skills and knowledge provided through this program are sought after as companies aim to reduce their carbon footprints.

This 40-hour certification program has been designed in conjunction with industry experts and educators. The skill sets acquired in this program include identifying how proactive and passive energy management systems reduce expense and environmental impact while increasing efficiency and comfort in residential or commercial settings.

Using these devices students can simulate heating and air conditioning, lighting systems, as well as automation connectivity and programming. Understanding proactive systems networking is integral to this program. Students learn to connect, operate and program the following: thermostats, switches, X-10, Z-Wave and Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices. In addition, Smart Homes on the Smart Grid system and the role of connectivity and control as energy conservation methods are covered in this course.

The objectives in this program include:

  • Programming a seven-day thermostat to save energy and money
  • Describing the role of the Smart Meter for the user and the supplier of energy
  • Diagramming all of the connectivity used by a Smart Home on the Smart Grid
  • Identifying advantages and disadvantages of various lighting systems
  • Defining the five ways light is produced
  • Determining energy usage and suggesting Green energy saving strategiess
  • Describing X-10, ZigBee and Z-Wave programming and operation
  • Operating wired and wireless control systems

Like all C-Tech courses, Introduction to Energy Management Systems is completely portable, allowing set-up in any standard academic classroom. Costly, permanent labs are not required. The curriculum, aligned with National and State Education Standards, has been written at seventh grade reading and basic math levels. Students who successfully complete this program receive an industry-recognized, Smart Home Professional – Energy Management Specialist (SHP-E/M) certification.

Introduction to Energy Management Systems can be run stand-alone or as part of a C-Tech program track.

  • Vast employment opportunities
  • Ideal foundation course for interior designers, real estate agents, architects and builders
  • Completely portable: Can be set up in any classroom
  • Interactive hands-on, student-centered activities
  • Promotes a project-based, cooperative learning environment
  • Relates to real-world systems using devices and connectivity technologies
  • Aligns to the latest control and connectivity standards
  • Covers control devices including switches, dimmers, sensors and activators
  • Cross-curricular content: Incorporates Math, Science, Language Arts, and History
  • Emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skill development
  • National database, searchable by employers, for Certified SHP-E/M graduates
  • Professional development assistance: Provided through educational Tech-Talks
  • Completely turnkey: All tools, manuals, CD-ROMs, consumables and certification included
  • Specialized customer service and exclusive online instructor support
  • Instructor training and certification included
  • Written to a seventh grade reading and basic math level
  • A standardized 40-hour curriculum
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